Less Things, More Meaning... ➕

Have you heard this saying before - less stuff, more meaning? Does it resonate with you?

Fewer purchases means less consumtion which in-turn means less unnecessary damage and over-production.
The items that are created for Bound No.82 are made with this ethos in mind and we do our best to reduce waste, to not over-order and only make to order what's needed.

And on the 'meaning' side, each piece is created with purpose and care.  Artisans use hand made techniques that again are sustainable and reduce waste, but are also methods that are passed down from generation to generation. 
These are methods of weaving, of sewing, of using traditional hand looms while at the same time using material such as dried grass and plants to ensure that there is minimal impact to the environment.

Bound No.82 Home Decor Interiors Brand Abu Dhabi

The best thing about it is that you can take it as you find it and interpret into your own life as you see fit.  The main idea is to be more aware of what's around you, be more concious when purchasing pieces and choose items that have meaning to you.

Here are some examples of our favourite pieces that are created in a mindful and concious way to minimalise our impact to our surroundings. And what's also super important is that these pieces will last, these pieces are made for life, for slow living and for always being a part of your home.

The Oversized Tray

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