About Bound No.82

The concept behind Bound No.82 is simple; it is a collection of high-quality home-décor pieces that have been made using traditional techniques and sustainable materials, by skilled artisans around the world.

The concept began in the UAE when we discovered ‘Khoos’ baskets. Simple, yet beautiful, these baskets are made from date palm fronds, by Emirati women, using centuries-old methods. The history and culture that is woven into each basket captivated us and we began work to make these baskets the core of our collection; highlighting and honoring the Emirati heritage, beautifully blending tradition with modern living.

With the core concept of Bound No. 82 firmly established in the UAE, we began to look elsewhere for other pieces to add to our collection, that were made using traditional methods or natural/sustainable materials. We now also have a local partner in Jaipur and we have since added a carefully selected range of jute baskets and a small selection of other home décor accessories such as our luxury recycled linen throw.

Our passion has always been to ensure that we contribute to the preservation of traditional techniques and methods, supporting skilled artisans to continue having the means to create incredible hand-made items, rich in culture and heritage and this will always underpin the concept of Bound No. 82.