Top Three Pieces - July ➕

HERE'S A BETTER LOOK at our top three favourite pieces for the month of July... what do you think? Are these your current favourites too?

1. The Gourd Basket Bowls


These beautiful and unique baskets are made by hand by underprivileged women in Bulawayo, in the Matebeleland district of Zimbabwe, in order to support themselves and their families. 

The baskets are handwoven using natural plant fibers such as Llala and Indaza, which are grown locally in the region. Each one is completely unique in size and shape, adding individuality to it's design and they make stunning display pieces.


2. The Rattan Trays in Natural

Handwoven from sustainably grown materials, the rattan tray is the perfect versatile addition to your home.

Available in three striking colourways and three sizes, there's a style to suit everyone and it seems that the natural is the most popular this month.


3. The Jute Baskets

Simplicity at it's finest; these jute baskets are hand woven in Jaipur, India and are super versatile and easy to use in every room in your home.  They're great for storage of anything that needs to be keep neat and tidy day to to day.

The baskets are available in three different sizes and with the options of handles too.


So have you got a favourite? Which piece is the top of your list? ➕

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