Our Brand Story ➕

BOUND NO.82'S ETHOS IS SIMPLE...  It is to be local, to be authentic and to be sustainable and the collection of beautifully made piece represent that every step of the way.

As for the Who, What, Why and How... all of those questions are about to be answered here!

Firstly the who is me, Amanda, founder of Bound No.82 and UAE resident for almost fifteen years now (something I still can't quite believe myself).  I came for a year's work experience and fell in love with this incredible and astonishing country and have no plans to leave any time soon - I'm definitely hooked.

In more recents years I started to take a more closure look at the society we are living in, to find out more about the country's history, it's culture and traditions and what Emirati values are all about.  That journey lead me onto what started Bound No.82 and the passion to share and support what I had discovered.

There are a few obvious traditions here in the UAE that we are all very familar with but did you know that was and still is a rich culture of craft, creating and preserving traditional living? There is a community working hard to keep these crafts and methods alive and I become so fascinated by it that I wanted to support and possibly bridge the gap between the traditional and the modern UAE most of us are living in now.

All this inspired me to start Bound No.82, I became memsorised by one skill in particular and that was the craft of khoos weaving - a method of weaving together dried palm fronds to create material for baskets, mats, fans etc.  I have always had a passion for interiors and home decor and these beautifully made pieces screamed right to my weakness of baskets - a true love of mine.

What's even more special about these baskets is the artisans that create them.  They are a wonderful group of female Emirati artists who all come together to socialise and practice their crafts.  They have a mix of ages, backgrounds, roles but working on these pieces that they are creating brings them all together and provides them with a variety of opportunities.

Each piece that is woven is unique and special to the hands and heart of the local lady that makes it, this is something that cannot be found in any other method of production and why handcrafted pieces are so rare and so unique.  It is an absolute honour to be able to support these traditions and to represent them in my own way.

Moving forward and this same concept is now applied to a beautiful selection of pieces sourced internationally and that are all made within the same ethos of being authentic, sustainable, handcrafted and empowering to the artist behind them ➕




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