Iftar Supper Club ➕

This year during the special time of Ramadan saw Bound No.82 host it's first private event - an Iftar Supper Club. An opportunity to celebrate, honour and come together with others as a thank you for the continued support and kindness that the brand has greatly received.

Bound No.82 Iftar Home Decor wooden trays and bowls

It was a wonderful small event where we were able to connect and each the company of others again. 

The decor was of course provided by Bound No.82 and was a perfect opportunity to showcase how items from the current range can easily be used in your home from simple suppers to large dinners to simply becoming essential additions to your decor.

A huge thank you to everyone that attended, and of course, for your continued support - it truly means so much.

Here's to the next one!! ➕

Bound No.82 Iftar Supper Club Setting and Decor
Bound No.82 Iftar Table Decor
Bound No.82 Iftar Supper Club Event
Bound No.82 Iftar Table Decor

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