Essential Additions To Your Home ➕

Sometimes the simple addition of a new piece can dramatically change the way your home looks and feels... have you ever switched your furniture around or changed your cushion covers and all of a sudden it's like a new room.

Here are some of our favourite pieces that can be added to your home for not only function but to add beauty and style.


The Jute Basket


The jute basket is an essential addition for any home, they are so versatile and can be used in a fantastic variety of ways.  Woven from naturally sourced grass, jute is sustainable, environmentally friendly and supports the eco-system by growing in it's natural habitat.

Each basket is woven by hand by artisans that have been using these traditional weaving methods for decades and creating strong, sturdy pieces.

Given their natural, earthy tones, a jute basket will match your interiors in any room and are great for storage - add them in your hallway under a console table or in your lounge area storing a few extra blankets and cushions for when the nights are a bit cooler. 

Available in a range of sizes and styles, there is the ideal one waiting for you.


The Buhera Basket

If you are looking for a statement piece to add to your home then look no futher than the stunning buhera baskets.

These striking baskets are incredibly woven by hand, not an easy task for anyone which is why the skilled artisans making them deserves all the recognition for their hard work.  It is truly incredible and we are very honoured to share them with you.

Made in the Buhera District, Zimbabwe, these types of baskets are steeped in tradition as part of the community and culture and now take on a new meaning as their production now supports the artisans and families creating them.

How would you use one in your home? They are ideal for adding dried stems and florals and make great centre pieces on your coffee or dining table styling.

View here to choose your size and add one to your home...➕


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