Emirati Women's Day ➕

Today we celebrate Emirati Women's Day and the courage, strength, talent and passion of Emirati women shaping and impacting the UAE's success story.

One of the key collections of Bound No.82 is the range of beautifully made khoos baskets.  These baskets are made here locally in the UAE but perhaps more importantly they are crafted by some exceptionally skilled Emirati female artisans.

The artisans are part of an organisation called Al Ghadeer who mission is to empower underprivileged women through sustainable crafts. In 2006, Her Highness Sheikha Shamsa bint Hamdan Al Nahyan, the Emirates Red Crescent President’s Assistant for Women’s Affairs, set out to provide women with training, designs, raw materials, and marketing services to create culturally inspired products to assist them in earning a dignified living and sustain traditional crafts.

We are proud to work alongside Al Ghadeer and these talented women and create something special for modern living while preserving the traditions and culture of the UAE. 

90% of the women working as part of Al Ghadeer were previously unemployed and unable to find suitable roles but by joining this great initiative to support local women and tradition crafts, they are given employment opportunities, a community and empowerment.

On Emirati Women's Day we would like to share the individual stories of the women behind the baskets, the artisans, the creators, the traditions... each story is a testament to their passion and skill and inspires us to keep creating and keeping working together to enhance our beautiful community here in the UAE.


Hamda and her daughter Rwaya

One of the most heartwarming stories is the story of the young lady of determination Rwaya. Rwaya was born with a hearing and speaking disability, but is an incredibly skilled craftswoman. She is now a part of Al Ghadeer family along with her mother Hamda and work together to create beautiful pieces.

• Samila

After the passing of her husband as a one of the country’s martyrs, she was left a widow and a mother of four. After her friend suggested she join Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts, she has become one of our most skilled craftswomen. She has mastered the crafts of candle making and henna, and most importantly she has embraced life and become a ray of optimism.

• Asma

Through joining Al Ghadeer, after many years Asma was finally able to achieve her dream of having a baby. The income that Asma earned by being a craftswoman helped her start her road to recovery where she joyfully welcomed her firstborn Fatima.

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