Expo 2020 - First Visit... ➕

Last week we joined the crowds and paid our first visit to Expo 2020 after it's opening on Oct 1st... and oh boy it was so much better than I expected, it was fantastic and based on first impressions we most definitely will be going back again and again.

Bound No.82 Expo 2020 Behind The Scenes

We started at the Sustainability District, which is one of the six zones that make up Expo 2020 - Sustainability District, Mobility District, Opportunity District, Al Forsan, Al Wasl and Jubilee.  We walked through the already iconic Sustainability Portal gate framed by a parade of international flags.  And from the first steps, you can instantly tell that it is going to be an experience that you're not going to forget, and one that is going to be part of history in the making.

Bound No.82 Interiors Home Decor Brand Expo Update

During our time there we actually only managed to visit three pavillions - China, Morocco and Austrailia and it's very clear that we barely scratched the surface of all the amazing attractions.  I've heard great things about the Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Switzerland and Thailand pavillions just as a start to an ever-growing to-do list.

Bound No.82 Interiors Homewares Brand Expo 2020 Update

As you can imagine, every detail is meticulously thought of and it's incredible to think that this huge expanse of an almost-instant city has been purpose built from nothing in the middle of the desert.  I have been living in the UAE for over fifteen years now so it takes a bit more than the usual to shock me about what Dubai can do, but this has really blown my mind - incredible is the most apt word I can currently find.
There is so much to do, see, try, experience that one day is nowhere near enough... here's to the next visit ➕

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