A Little Trip To Austria - May '22 ➕

This year we were lucky to have a full week off for the celebration of Eid so we decided to take the opportunity and travel, and headed straight for Austria.

It is a country I have visited before but during the winter months when it is covered in glorious snow, so seeing it in spring would be a new experience.. and it did not disappoint!

We flew into Vienna and were welcomed with cool, fresh air, beautiful tree-lined streets and stunning historic buildings at every turn.

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We stayed in Vienna for a few days, some of which it rained which was actually a nice surprise when coming from the heat and sun in Abu Dhabi.  We then took a trip south-west across Austria to arrive in a more rural location outside of Salzburg.

Here we stayed for four days exploring the countryside, the rolling hills, stunning waterfalls, snowy mountain tops and incredible scenery.


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We were able to spend a day strolling around Salzburg visiting all the sites from one of my favourite movies - The Sound Of Music.  It's a beautiful historic city filled with winding streets, historically palaces, ideallic town squares, catherdrals and stunning architecture.


Bound No.82 Travel Blog Austria Salzburg Bound No.82 Travel Blog Austria Vienna Bound No.82 Travel Blog Austria Salzburg

I would highly recommend a trip to Austria if you have the opportunity, our family group age ranged from five to sixty-five and everyone had a wonderful time, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Our highlights have to be Stadtpark in Vienna, the horse & carriage rides for making my little girls feel like real-life royalty, the rhubard strudel from a tiny side street cafe off the Residenzplatz in Salzburg, the cable cars up to the medieval castle, St Peter's Abbey from The Sound of Music, the ideallic lakeside venue of Hallstaat and of course, the beautiful, beautiful countryside.

We will be back Austria ➕

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